Corkigami C Chair

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Corkigami natural
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EKO label
Eco-effectiveness and sustainability degree of the product

Reused / Recycled raw materials i 0%

Recyclable raw materials i 100%

Renewable raw materials i 100%

Toxic free i 100%

Non petroleum plastics i 100%

Emissions generated during transport to the factory 0.084kg CO2

i Type of energy used No renewable

i Emissions generated by energy consumption No data

Place of origin of the product Spain

Weight of product 12kg

Transport kg CO2 eq
100 km 0.167 kg CO2 eq
500 km 0.836 kg CO2 eq
1.000 km 11.3 kg CO2 eq
3.000 km 33.9 kg CO2 eq
6.000 km 67.68 kg CO2 eq
10.000 km 113 kg CO2 eq
15.000 km 169 kg CO2 eq

Useful Life Cycle 10años

Aesthetic Life Cycle 9.9años

Emissions generated by the Material 1 1.39 kg CO2 eq

Emissions generated by the Material 2 1.39 kg CO2 eq

In case of import / Export, custom expenses will be charged separately.
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Corkigami C Chair designed by Carlos Ortega

Corkigami is a lounge chair made of cork and wood


Characteristics of Corkigami C Chair

Main Raw Material Oak wood Secondary raw Material Laminate cork
Main Color Wood Secondary Color Cork
Width (cm) 65 Depth (cm) 62
Height (cm) 78 Dimensions (Packed) 65x65x80
Weight Packed (Kg.) 9.0000 Weight (Kg.) 12

General description of Corkigami C Chair

As we started to imagine a seat made entirely out of cork, everyone said it was impossible: then we realized we had a challenge to work on. Cork is sustainable, natural, lightweight, quite strong, flexible, warm.. All these attributes make cork a unique material. Corkigami aims to take these properties to the limit, and also refers to the process of making 3D objects from 2D materials. We choose cork as sheet material to make this shell construction simply using this technique.

Strength relies on both flexibility of the shell structure and a special process of lamination using quality cork. This is how we gain the strength for the seat. After lamination, we cut the shape out of the flat material to be able to bend it. Then, we glue it again on a simple curved former. The shell rests on a solid oak stool, resulting a very attractive design. To protect the cork, we apply water-based varnish suitable for hardwearing surfaces such as cork floors, it is very flexible and makes the chair durable."