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Artisan furniture collection FAINA was created in 2014 by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoriya Yakusha through Faina Design, and was awarded with the Industart prize from the international industrial design competition in 2015. Designed around warm elements and materials such as felt, wool, and wood, this minimalist ethnic collection has its focus point and central element on clay.


Pechyvo Cabinet

Pechyvo Nightstand

Metelyk Vase

«Pottery tradition in Ukraine is very old, starting from Trypilian culture in ancient times (flourished in central and western Ukraine between 5400 BC and 2700 BC)», – says Victoriya. – I decided go back to our roots and create contemporary furniture using the materials and techniques of our ancestors».

«Looking back to the very first moment when I got the idea for this collection I can say that there was a very strong desire in my heart to make our national ethnicity understandable and recognizable in a modern world” – said Victoriya – «Through the FAINA collection I wanted to display the full strength of the Ukrainian ethnos, as I feel it myself, but in a modern interpretation”.



Obriy Lamp

Shchedryy Table

Clay – is one of the oldest building materials in human history, however you will not find many ceramic furniture objects or other decor pieces nowadays. As an artisan tool and design element clay is very plastic, timid and not easy to deal with for an artist. Still even small clay details of furniture can deliver a very warm and positive vibes for your home.

Vulyk Wash-basin

While working on FAINA collection Victoriya collaborated with 8 Ukrainian artisans in order to develop ceramic pieces, make them durable, textured and still looking interesting in the aesthetic sense. The seemingly fragile nature of clay actually turned out to be very reliable and stable.


Hryb Table

Today her essential collection FAINA contains pieces that are handmade and absolutely unique, there is no mass production. You can model different sizes and change color – from natural beige to black chocolate.

Pivnich Lamp

FAINA collection is designed for the lovers of minimalistic interiors who, in an age of globalization and ubiquitous spam, appreciate «more air» in their surroundings. «We need to create design honestly: the tree would be a tree, a metal would be a metal, not an imitation or a substitute» – says the author of the collection. Naturalness and environmental friendliness are the main peculiarity of the FAINA product line.