Figura Cone pendant lamp


by Schneid

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EKO Label
Eco-effectiveness and sustainability degree of the product

Reused / Recycled materials i 100%

Recyclable materials i 100%

Renewable materials i 0%

Toxic free i 0%

Non petroleum plastics i 100%

Transport Emitions generated from origin to the factory 0.042kg CO2

i Type of energy used Not renewable

i Generated Emisions from Energetic consume Sin datos

Made in Germany

Product weight 1kg

Distance kg CO2 eq
100 km 0.017 kg CO2 eq
500 km 0.084 kg CO2 eq
1.000 km 1.128 kg CO2 eq
3.000 km 3.384 kg CO2 eq
6.000 km 6.768 kg CO2 eq
10.000 km 11.28 kg CO2 eq
15.000 km 16.92 kg CO2 eq

Use life cycle 0 years

Aesthetical life cycle 0 years

Emisions generated by Material 1 0.28 kg CO2 eq

Customs charges not included. In case of import/export, customs duties and taxes will be charged by the customs agency of your country.
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Figura Cone pendant lamp designed by Niklas Jessen , julia Múlling

Handmade in Germany, this new great sustainable Arc shaped lamp comes in eight different colours/materials. Choose the option that best suits your needs and light up you space with an elegant, minimalistic and ecologic lamp


Characteristics of Figura Cone pendant lamp

Main Raw Material Aluminium Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 45 Height Packed (cm) 20
Width Packed (cm) 45 Depth Packed (cm) 20
Weight Packed (Kg.) 2.0000 Weight (Kg.) 1
Main Color Aluminium Bulb included No
Bulb Type Light Bulb LED max. 10 W, Halogen max. 60 Cable (cm) 250

General description of Figura Cone pendant lamp

Figura - A melodious name that refers to the special shape of the luminaire. By a playful use of lines and forms three different versions were created, each of which, individually or in combination, exude gracefulness. With the fine metal tube, the line of the cable becomes a design element and part of the sculptural silhouette. The three shades, inspired by the authentic aesthetics of classic industrial luminaires, have a minimalist, graphic expression. The luminaire is strangely beautiful in its interplay with fine surfaces and an subdued, timeless color palette.