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Functional eco-friendly bathroom accessories

The bathroom is the space in the house that represents the greatest challenge for those who seek to have a sustainable lifestyle. In this sense, sustainability goes from the responsible use of water and energy, to the choice of eco-friendly bathroom accessories. The latter, in addition to taking care of the planet, are often very practical options to add warmth to the bathroom thanks to their materials.

In this article we’ll show you some of our most functional eco-friendly bathroom accessories. All aimed to organize, decorate and transform your bathroom into one that is 100% respectful with the environment.


The sustainability of natural fibers

Natural fibers are one of our favourite materials. Prioritizing them over synthetic fibers constitutes a great boost for the development of sustainable agriculture and therefore great advantages for the environment. In fact, it’s increasingly being used as a sustainable natural option in multiple industries.

But natural fibers aren’t only ecological because of their composition but also for their entire concept. First, for its production and processing, technologies with low environmental impact are used. Second, they promote local economic development, encouraging the participation of small producers in value chains.


As the advantages are clear, now we want to show you the Let’s Pause baskets. A handmade deco style, as defined by the creators of this Spanish firm from the Ekohunters community, which seeks to create warm, simple and natural atmospheres.

One of the materials used by Let’s Pause in its products is the palm leaf. This is the case of the Talis basket and the Almadrava basket. Two designs where the natural fiber is weaved manually and free of treatments. The same happens with the Redondela basket but using esparto as raw material. This last model also has an internal iron structure and a top cover.


Sophisticated ecology in the sinks

The decorative imprint of a styled sink cannot be denied, even it can become the protagonist of the bathroom. And if you don’t believe us, take a look at these models that we have at Ekohunters.

Imagine starting each day getting ready in the sophisticated Vulyk sink. This design from the Ukrainian firm Faina Design is made of natural clay, a warm and welcoming material. “… In pursuit of fashion we must not forget our roots,” says its creator, Victorya Yakusha. Thus, Faina Design seeks to create honest designs, the most similar to reality. In this case, Vulyk is inspired by an old hive, presenting delicately textures and lines. Available in dark gray, black and white.


On the other hand, we introduce you to one of the newest members of the Ekohunters community: Woodio. This Finnish firm offers more than 10 models of minimalist sinks in our eco-friendly bathroom accessories section. All designs are highly sustainable thanks to various aspects that characterize them. They are made of a material created by the same firm, the first in the world 100% waterproof solid wood composite. In addition, their patent pending cast moulding technology doesn’t require high amounts of water and energy. They even serve as CO2 storage, and they can be burned to get energy, when they have reached the end of their life cycle.


Eco-friendly bathroom accessories to maintain the order

If your family is large enough, you know very well what is to have many toothbrushes and other accessories scattered throughout the bathroom. If you want the space to be tidier, we recommend getting a small container for those objects. For example, the mug Ujalta and Ujo 1.0 vase, both designs of the Portuguese firm Dedal and handcrafted in ceramic. These models are stackable and available in multiple colors.


Finally, a comprehensive solution for order, the Fency package wall organizer from Tolhuijs. An upcycling product, made from metal fences recovered from factories and treated in a non-toxic way. In addition, its elaboration has the collaboration of social workshops. The design includes 3 shelves and you can add hooks, magnets or other additional shelves.

Thus the selection for the article, but remember that you can see all our eco-friendly bathroom accessories here.