Eco friendly and sustainable furniture

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At Ekohunters we bring together sustainable design products and furniture produced by the best eco-designers in the world. Among the sustainable furniture you can find, there are design tables, office tables and desks, wooden furniture, benches, chairs, sofas, poufs, storage furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen furniture and beds.

All the products you will find have been designed with natural resources in an environmentally friendly way and with a high commitment to the sustainability of the planet. To a large extent, these products are inspired by shapes traditionally found in nature, architecture, art, design, and other disciplines to bring greater beauty.

The eco-friendly furniture that you will find at Ekohunters is made from natural or recycled materials without being altered with chemical treatments or additives. The entire manufacturing process of eco-friendly furniture that you will find at Ekohunters is free of toxic and petroleum-derived plastics. And its transport is designed to leave the smallest carbon footprint and minimize its environmental impact. In this sense, all the material and resources used by the companies we work with want to encourage a more conscious consumption in favor of sustainability.

Eco-friendly furniture for your dining room and living room

Among the most representative eco-friendly pieces of furniture to decorate your home with a natural yet innovative style are designer tables. Sustainable urban furniture allows you to start eco-designing your own space with dining tables, coffee tables for the living room, and folding tables for small spaces. You will also find other product proposals for inspiration, such as round wooden tables and a wide variety of extendable tables. Discover the offer of wood and iron tables designed by the best sustainable furniture eco-designer companies in the world.

These dining tables match perfectly with dining chairs made of sustainable or reused materials. Find the style you like best among our products and harmonize your home with white, upholstered dining chairs or modern dining chairs.

For your living room, you will also find the best sofas, including chaise lounge sofas, three and two-seater sofas, as well as sofa beds and corner sofas, small and modular sofas. All kinds of modern sofas eco-designed with the best durable materials to give your home a warm environment and in contact with nature. And to make your living room a more comfortable and pleasant place, combine your sofas and armchairs with original designer poufs and other products that you will find at Ekohunters.

Sustainable furniture for the kitchen

Wooden kitchen chairs and kitchen stools, along with kitchen furniture and auxiliary furniture, will give this room in your home a particular style that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Wooden benches for the kitchen or hall, in addition to being decorative, are very useful eco-friendly furniture. Wooden benches with backs can be used as seating benches, and some are also storage benches or shoe benches.

Beds and storage furniture for rooms

Eco-friendly designer beds are the ideal furniture for a healthy and original room. Choose from a wide variety of sustainable beds, including wooden trundle beds, sofa beds, folding beds, Montessorian beds for the little ones, and double beds, among other options. The most used material in bedroom furniture is wood, taking into account that it provides a long life to these products and, therefore, greater sustainability.

Complete your room with cabinets, shelves, metal and wooden shelves, sideboards, eco-friendly design chests, and other storage furniture. All of them produced with sustainable materials by the best eco-designer companies.

Outdoor furniture

The best outdoor furniture designed with durable materials and resistant to all weather conditions while healthy and environmentally friendly. From wooden, iron and aluminium outdoor tables and chairs to outdoor sofas and chaise lounge, the ideal furniture for the garden, terrazzo, or balcony.

Sustainable office desks and tables

Our office desks and tables and desk chairs offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional office furniture to turn offices into more pleasant places to work. Lift tables, work tables, and desk tables of different shapes and sizes to favour work with furniture produced with eco-friendly and sustainable resources.

Sustainable materials

You can search among the eco-friendly furniture what you need to make your home a more pleasant and functional place. And, at the same time, turn your home into a space to enjoy a healthier life and in contact with nature. To do this, the sustainable furniture that you will find at Ekohunters uses natural raw materials such as solid wood, cardboard, recycled paper, cork, pressed pallet, recycled steel, scraps of wood, reused parts, and other recovered materials.

A wide range of sustainable materials has been used to shape this unique eco-friendly furniture. Now you can decorate your home with eco-friendly designer furniture while contributing to the development of more conscious consumption and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.