Ecologic ad sustainable couches

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Showing all 13 results

At Ekohunters, we offer you sustainable sofas eco-designed by the best designers in the world. Among the variety of sofas and sustainable furniture that you can find in our marketplace, the sustainable wooden sofas, modular sofas, and sofas with footrests stand out.

These couches made with wood and other eco-friendly materials will help you live in a more environmentally friendly home in harmony with nature.

The eco-designers we work with use recyclable and renewable, toxic-free materials throughout the product’s manufacturing and distribution process. And they manage to reduce as much as possible the emissions generated during transport to the factory.

Among the sustainable materials used to make these eco-friendly sofas, the following stand out: beech plywood, recycled sailcloth, and resistant metals such as steel. Thanks to our search filters, you can search for the materials that interest you the most and filter by designer products in your country.

With Ekohunters, you can now enjoy an extensive collection of eco-friendly sofas that are environmentally friendly. Keep promoting a sustainable lifestyle with our furniture and decoration accessories for your home.

Noteworthy is the Space Sofa designed by the company Lock. It is a unique and very original modular sofa that can be easily assembled and disassembled. It has a base made of beech wood and a natural oil finish without solvents and polycarbonate. For maximum comfort, the sofa also has a soft textile cushioning with different dye color options under request.

And the Sofa 600 designed by the company Belybel using a real car seat from a Seat 600 model D. The Spanish eco-designers have reused the original parts of this classic vehicle to shape a unique sofa.