Ecologic and sustainable kitchen furniture

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    For electrical device (Kitchen a la carte II)

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    Sink (Kitchen a la carte II)

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    Storage (Kitchen a la carte II)

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Kitchen furniture
At Ekohunters, we offer you eco-designed kitchen furniture by the best designers in the world. Among the collection of kitchen furniture that you can find in our marketplace, stand out the beechwood modules that you can combine in the way that best suits your needs and your kitchen.

It is a series of modules with individual functions prepared for the installation of different electrical appliances. Each unit has slots and a rear cover for routing the necessary cables and tubing. In addition, it has a selection of accessories such as a cutting board, fruit and vegetable bowl, or garbage divider.

Now you can explore the best kitchen furniture made with ecological materials to make your home a special place in harmony with the environment. Give your kitchen an eco-friendly decoration while making better use of every space and corner of your house.

The eco-designers we work with use recyclable and renewable, toxic-free materials throughout their products’ manufacturing and distribution process. And they will be able to reduce as much as possible the CO2 emissions generated during transportation.

Among the sustainable materials used to manufacture this kitchen furniture, beechwood stands out.

And with the Ekohunters search filters, you can focus your search on products designed in your country.