Como side table-0

From Como they want you to be part of the transformation process of your furniture, that is the reason why this new frame will allow you to lift a Como module in order to convert and transform it into an original and creative side table.

The frame is made of portuguese maritime pine tree plywood, thereby being a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Como side table


Ref: Como side table


Create your own ecological and sustainable side table, through this Maritime pine tree plywood frame that allow you to lift and transform your Como module into a side table.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 862 × 39 × 36 cm
Main Raw Material


Secondary material
Main Color


Secondary Color

Width / Length(cm)

Fondo (cm)

Height (cm)


Dimensions (Packed)

40x30x20 and 40x40x5

Weight (Kg.)


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