There is very little time left until one of the biggest design events in the calendar of world fairs. HABITARE fair is already very close. From 13th to 17th September, one of the most revered European furniture fairs will be held in Messukeskus, Helsinki.

Habitare is much more than just furniture. It is an experience that includes the latest trends in furniture, architecture, and the running of homes and other spaces, as well as a forum for discussion about the home of the future:

«The definition of home is changing. We recreate home conditions in workplaces and cafes, in the countryside and in the city. Home can be something temporary, mobile, shared or virtual, but the common denominator is a sense of security. «


Undoubtedly one of the highlights of HABITARE is the great number of the new generation of designers in attendance. The event will host 11 special exhibitions, 3 themed areas, more than 30 scheduled events, 11 international speakers, and almost 50 Finnish guests. The product groups presented in the Habitare are:

Bathrooms and saunas, fireplaces and ovens, furniture, houses, interior decoration, materials and supplies, kitchens, lifestyle, surface materials and textiles, crafts, contemporary art, education, publications and services.

The themed areas of Habitare are Habi Kids dedicated to children, Habitare Digi for appliances and Habitare Light for lighting. It is beyond question that between discussion forums, interior design trends, architecture, materials etc., HABITARE breathes sustainability, not only in the form of the products that are being presented, but being displayed as the distinguishing mark of the future in this sector.


Do not forget! From the 13th to the 17th of September you have an appointment with HABITARE, an essential event in the agenda of architecture and interior design. A different vision that you cannot miss. For more information visit their official website.