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Decorate in the best industrial style with Ekohunters furniture

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

As we have said in the article “Industrial style: What is it and how do I apply it at home?” the industrial style (or loft style) was born in New York in the ’50s. It differed from other decoration styles for the characteristics of its interiors: exposed architecture, the use of natural materials (wood, metal, brick, cement, concrete and leather), neutral colors and the use of recycled and reused furniture.

Taking these industrial characteristics into account, in this article we will show you some ideas to design the interior spaces of your home with Ekohunters sustainable industrial-style furniture.

A dining table design with history

One of the most attractive furniture sets and with which you can forcefully reflect the decoration style chosen in your interior spaces is, without a doubt, the dining room furniture set. To form it you need a good choice of industrial style table and chairs. That’s why, to achieve your dining room set in the best industrial style, we recommend the Pablo Table. This industrial design table design was born from reused and recycled old wood but without extra finishes, so you can appreciate the passage of time through it thanks to its natural finish.

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

A side table design with modern lines

It’s clear that decoration styles are modernizing and just as you can find industrial design furniture with rustic lines (such as the Pablo Table) you can also find other furniture with purer and cleaner lines. This doesn’t mean that the most modern industrial lines leave aside the natural aspect that the industrial style seeks for the design of its interiors, and this is demonstrated by the Timba low wooden table. This industrial design side table for the living room with pure and clean lines preserves its natural finishes combining a wood that doesn’t hide its grains and a support made of iron.

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

An original stool design

Within the interior design of the living room, extra seating and support surfaces for guests can’t be missing, since the living room is a social area inside home and there are never too many seats and support surfaces.

The Kvadro Stool is a great ally in decoration for incorporating support or seating surfaces into an industrial-style living room. Not only does it fulfill both functions, but its lower wheels and small size allow it to be easily moved. This industrial design stool more than imitates the appearance of a surface made of cement or concrete (main materials in the industrial style), however, it is the result of recycled paper, which makes it much lighter than it appears.

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

A family of seating furniture

If the design of your kitchen includes a bar or an island, without a doubt, you should take into account industrial-style stools for its decoration. The stools in kitchens with islands or bars become a very strong point of attraction within these spaces and should be used as such. For this reason, we recommend the Gravene 7.6 bar chair for decorating your kitchen. With its steel structure (which we appreciate so much in industrial-style spaces) this bar chair design supports a seat surface made of 100% recycled plastic and has the added bonus of being able to be combined with the Gravene 6.3 Chair and the Gravene 7.5 Armchair. In this way, you will have a family of industrial-style seating furniture made up of kitchen stools and dining chairs.

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

A luminaire design with reused objects

Today, lighting design plays an extremely important role in interior decoration and their designs never go unnoticed. Choosing a good luminaire decor is the “golden finishing touch” of any decoration project and even more so within an industrial-style space. As we mentioned at the beginning, the industrial style bets on recycled and reused elements, and the Pallet Lamp is a great reflection of this characteristic. The Pallet Lamp, as its name indicates, has reused pallet wood as its base and, in turn, 5 lamps made of recycled glass bottles hang from it and are reused as screens for light bulbs. The Pallet Lamp is, without a doubt, a hanging luminaire design that meets all the characteristics to achieve a space in the best industrial style.

If you want to know more options of hanging ceiling lights for decorating an industrial interior, we invite you to read our article “5 sustainable pendant lamps of different styles for industrial interiors“.

Decora tu casa al mejor estilo industrial con muebles Ekohunters

At Ekohunters we encourage you to start decorating your home in the best industrial style and do it in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment. On our page you will find all the products mentioned and more to decorate your home in the best industrial style.