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Industrial style: What is it and how do I apply it at home?

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

The industrial style (or also known as the loft style) was born in New York in the 50s, however, the years go by and it continues to be one of the most chosen styles in interior design.

Industrial style interiors were (in the beginning) abandoned factories or warehouses with large windows and high ceilings, transformed into homes. These were mainly intended for artists or immigrants who couldn’t afford to pay rent for an apartment in the city.

Today the industrial style, far from being suitable only for loft-type homes, is adaptable for the decoration of any type of residence. Below we list all the features you have to take into account to turn your home into a house in the best industrial style.

View architecture

The architecture seen or architecture in the nude is, without a doubt, one of the main characteristics of industrial style. It’s a decoration based on completely stripping the structure of the space. Exposed brick walls, pipes, beams, columns, installations, among others, are no longer just elements of the architecture of the space to give identity to the interior design of the place.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Natural materials

When talking about industrial style, it’s inevitable to think of the combination of materials such as wood, metal, leather, cement, concrete and brick. The last 3 can be found more easily on floors, stairs, ceilings and walls.

These materials take over interior decor, furniture and industrial-style objects and are characterized by not presenting extra finishing processes. So remember that when integrating wood, metal, cement, brick and leather into the interior design of your home, these materials must be exposed in their most natural version.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Neutral colors

If you want the decoration of your house to look in the best industrial design, you must bear in mind that the color palette of this style is neutral. In industrial-style interiors, colors such as white, black, gray and brown predominate, because these shouldn’t be a distraction in the interior decor. The true center of attention in industrial decoration is taken by the materials and the exposed architecture.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Recycled and reused furniture

The industrial design is a style of decor that respects the environment and is committed to giving a new useful life to elements or furniture that seem to have completed their life cycle. For this reason, it’s common to find recycled or reused furniture in industrial-style spaces, such as pallet tables or seats, which are the most popular types of furniture. 

However, recycling results in endless possibilities with great originality, such as the Tumba side table and floor lamp. As its name suggests, it has dual functionality and appears to be made of concrete or cement (materials that, as we said, are typical of the industrial style) but it’s the result of sustainable paper recycling.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Luminaires with imprint

The last feature to take into account to turn your home into one of the best industrial-style, are the luminaires. Industrial interior luminaires are a true focal point in themselves, bringing the final touch of identity to the space. Typical in industrial decoration are luminaires with wide and large screens, such as those of a cinematographic or photographic style. Visible light bulbs and lamps made with recycled or reused elements are also part of the industrial spaces.

It is also important that the ceiling, floor or desk lamps respect (or imitate) the materials used in the style.

Estilo industrial: ¿Qué es y cómo lo aplico en mi hogar?

Although industrial style was born in the middle of the 20th century, it isn’t surprising that it remains on the rise today. This is presented as a decorative style that respects the environment and adds its “grain of sand” to the current eco-friendly trend that we at Ekohunters defend and promote.

For this reason, on our page you will find all the furniture and elements necessary to decorate your home in the best industrial style, in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment.