These are the 5 interior design trends 2023 that you should know

These are the 5 interior design trends 2023

A few days into this new year, we can’t predict how it will be, but we can assure you what will be the interior design trends 2023 that you can’t miss to design the home space of your dreams like a professional.

Some trends are here to stay and we will find them again in 2023, while some others will slowly make their way as a novelty. In this article we will tell you the 5 interior design trends 2023 that professionals say will be with us for this new year.

The return to nature

As we have been seeing in the decoration trends of the last few years, it has become a necessity to go back to nature style and start being aware of our environment. This trend invites us to rethink the decoration of our home interiors, taking nature design into account from the beginning of our interior design projects.

With this trend, this 2023 we will see interiors where decoration with plants, recycled or handcrafted elements, sustainable furniture and the use of materials (such as wood) will become the protagonists of the place. At the same time, we will continue to see interiors with spatial morphologies that will connote the organic nature (such as lines and curved shapes) and colors that take us back to it (earth tones and colors).

Undoubtedly, the return to natural design is a trend in decoration that managed to position itself as one of the strongest this last time, and we predict, will accompany us in this year 2023 and for a long time.

Estas son las 5 tendencias de interiorismo este 2023

Warm and minimalist spaces

For fans of the Nordic style, within the interior design trends 2023 we will continue to see Nordic design interiors that will stand out for their main qualities: their minimalism and warmth.

Minimalist decoration, on the other hand, has been overthrowing for years with its motto “less is more”, the idea of excessive consumerism to which other trends have dragged us, positioning the idea of getting only the essentials to set our spaces. In this way, minimalist design in the home not only frees itself from visual noise but also adds its grain of sand in a 2023 where environmental care is a priority within the trends.

At the same time, it is no surprise that warmth is once again among the interior design trends for 2023. This quality has long proven to be essential when thinking about a space that provides the user with peace and tranquility at home. So in a post-pandemic present where the hours inside the home have increased, comfort and relaxation are fundamental qualities that a space must provide to the user.

Estas son las 5 tendencias de interiorismo este 2023

The return of glamour

With some appearances in the last time, a style that returns to take place in the interior design trends 2023, making it clear that fashions are cyclical, is the art deco decoration. This decoration style will invade homes this coming year with an air of glamour and elegance.

The design with moldings, lacquered elements in black and white colors, details in gold or bronze, sophisticated fabrics, among others, are some of the features that we will see in the spaces of this year 2023. Art deco has arrived to show how an interior space can become luxurious, elegant and glamorous.

Estas son las 5 tendencias de interiorismo este 2023

Warm and cool tones and colors are coming together

Even though warm tones have been making a strong presence in recent years, in this new year 2023 we will start to see the incorporation of cold and dark tones (colors such as blue, purple and green), adding touches of elegance and glamour to the spaces.

It will be inevitable, in 2023, to play with both shades of colors, getting rid of the rule that established us to separate them. Try combining earth colors with some shades of dark blue and you will see how your space gains originality, elegance and sobriety.

These are the 5 interior design trends 2023

Smart homes

It is a fact that technology is an active part of our daily lives. That is why it is not surprising that home automation is positioned as a strong trend within the interior design trends 2023.

Home automation not only ensures the convenience, comfort and security of our home, but also guarantees a considerable reduction in the energy use of our appliances, such as washing machine, air conditioning system, refrigerator, among others. In 2023, home automation will be established as a trend that provides convenience to the user and, at the same time, has a positive impact on the environment.

These are the 5 interior design trends 2023

For some time now, interior design trends have been predicting a change at a social level. The interest in the environment and pro-active actions with its care are aspects that are increasingly reflected in new trends, making it clear that this 2023 has already become a necessity. As a company dedicated to sustainable furniture design, the values behind these trends challenge us completely. That is why you will find all these trends reflected in our 2023 furniture catalog.