Ecodesigned kids furniture and toys

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Showing 1–27 of 90 results

At Ekohunters, you will find eco-friendly and sustainable kids’ furniture and toys, made with toxic-free materials by the best eco-designers in the world. Browse our selection of products for children, and you will discover wooden toys for babies, educational cardboard games for children, and fantastic eco-friendly furniture for your kids’ bedroom.

Find ideas for decorating your kids’ bedroom and raising planet-friendly kids. Teach your little ones, while playing together, to be in contact with nature and respect the environment. Our selection of Montessori toys and other wooden toys will help you educate your kids in a sustainable lifestyle.


Explore our selection of educational toys where you will find wooden toys, cardboard houses, and Montessori toys for babies and children, among many other sustainable toys. All of them are handmade with natural materials with a high commitment to the environment.

Kids’ beds

Our eco-friendly kids’ beds are eco-designed by the best designers in the world, thinking of the comfort of the little ones. Besides, some of them adapt to the different needs that change at each stage.

Cribs and cradles

Find a great selection of cribs and cradles made with wood and other responsible materials. Some of the cribs you will find transform and adapt to the different age stages. You can adjust the height, remove the bars, and use protectors, all with eco- friendly and sustainable materials.

Chairs and stools

Discover very original and eco-designed chairs and stools for boys and girls using sustainable materials such as bamboo, cardboard, soy glue, and organic paints, without VOC emissions.


Search our desks and kids’ tables inspired by the Montessori philosophy to stimulate the development of creativity, imagination, and interaction of the little ones. And all of them are made with sustainable materials to improve the air quality in your kids’ bedroom.

Wardrobes and storage boxes

Explore our kids’ wardrobes and storage boxes to find eco-friendly and practical solutions. They are eco-designed pieces of furniture that adapt to your kids’ needs. From changing tables with storage space that you can later use as a chest of drawers, to stools that are also toys chests.

Bookcases and shelves

Find bookcases, children’s shelves , and other eco-friendly furniture to keep your kids’ bedroom tidy and, at the same time, stimulate the learning activities of the little ones. They are made with cardboard, wood, and other sustainable and organic materials.