Ecologic and sustainable Kids Bookcases and Shelves

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    Maso high kids chair and bookshelve

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    Baixamar kids bookshelve

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    Adorna kids bookshelve



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    Nemo round table

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    Cube40 wall hung basin

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    LOIR rectangular hot pad

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    Lindenwood blocks, five hundred pieces

Kids Bookcases and Shelves

At Ekohunters, we offer you different types of bookcases and shelves for your kids´ bedroom, all of them are sustainable and eco-designed. They are highly practical furniture, which will serve to place the favorite stories and books of the little ones in the house, as well as toys that deserve a privileged space in their room. In addition, they are versatile shelves, since they will participate in the decoration of your home, with a childish design of great beauty. They also stand out for being easy to place. And to clean them up simply wipe them with a damp cloth. They will be a beautiful and practical as well as sustainable product for the wall of boys and girls´ room.

The primary material with which this furniture is made of is wood from sustainable plantations, which has its origin in ecologically managed forests, always according to criteria based on sustainability. The adhesives used are non-toxic since they are produced based on soy in order to eliminate formaldehyde emissions. This will have a positive impact on the health of the whole family, since indoor pollution is avoided and the air quality in the rooms of the home is improved. In addition, the paints used for its eco-design are biological, coming from innovative refining processes of plant processes.

We offer you different types of children’s bookcases and shelves so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your child, all of them manufactured using processes that respect the environment. Their sustainable and innovative design also makes them educational material that will help the development of the capacities of the little ones in the house, directly influencing their imagination and creativity. These are some of the children eco-friendly bookcases and shelves you will find: Adorna kids bookshelve , Bixamar kids bookshelve , Maso kids high chair and bookshelve .