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    Voladd 3D printer

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If you haven't done it yet, you can now get started in the world of 3D printing with the products that we offer you on Ekohunters marketplace. Start designing and creating all kinds of biodegradable bioplastic objects, 100% recyclable and of plant origin.

Discover the Voladd 3D Printer , the world's first 3D printer designed both for
those who have experience in this type of printing and for those who want to start
exploring all the possibilities it offers. In addition, it is the first 3D printer with
cartridges that include a variable diameter head to be able to create objects with
different definition.

At Ekohunters we also offer you cartridges for the Voladd 3D printer that are very
easy to install and you can start using it in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the
filament included in Voladd Cartridge made of PLA bioplastic, of plant origin,
recyclable and biodegradable, you can contribute to reducing your carbon