Uno Universal Brown Speaker

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Uno Universal Brown Speaker
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EKO Label
Eco-effectiveness and sustainability degree of the product

i Reused / Recycled materials 0%

i Recyclable materials 100%

i Renewable materials 100%

i Toxic free 100%

i Non petroleum plastics 100%

Transport Emitions generated from origin to the factory 0.008kg CO2

i Type of energy used Not renewable

i Generated Emisions from Energetic consume Sin datos

Made in Spain

Product weight 0.120kg

Distance kg CO2 eq
100 km 0.017 kg CO2 eq
500 km 0.084 kg CO2 eq
1.000 km 1.128 kg CO2 eq
3.000 km 3.384 kg CO2 eq
6.000 km 6.768 kg CO2 eq
10.000 km 11.28 kg CO2 eq
15.000 km 16.92 kg CO2 eq

Use life cycle 8 years

Aesthetical life cycle 4.7 years

Emisions generated by Material 1 0.03 kg CO2 eq

In case of import / Export, custom expenses will be charged separately.
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Uno Universal Brown Speaker designed by Javier Santamaria

Inalambric speaker. Ecological, functional, minimalist, original and sympathetic. Its natural origin makes each Ecophonic unique and unrepeatable.


Characteristics of Uno Universal Brown Speaker

Main Material Brown wood Main Colour Wood
Width (cm) 7 Depth (cm) 7
Height (cm) 8,5 Dimensions (Packed) 8x8x9,5
Weight Packed (Kg.) 0.1500 Weight (Kg.) 0.120

General description of Uno Universal Brown Speaker

Inalambric speaker ONE. Ecological, functional, minimalist, original and sympathetic. Its natural origin makes each Ecophonic unique and unrepeatable.

Made of Spanish chestnut, with an incredible sonic and aesthetic behaviour, use high resistant in the weather wood for the manufacture, coming from sustainable forests with FSC certification. This certification ensures that the raw material comes from forests exploited within legality, that the feeling of trees is selective that care and maintain our natural environment. Reforestation, recycling and continued sustainability to conserve native forest species making easier for the natural cycle to run its course with the least human intrusion.

Made in Spain with a handmade finishing with beeswax or natural oils, Ecophonics is ecological friendly in its manufacture and in its use as they do not require any energy input for their use, they do not have cables nor batteries and they do not require maintenance.

Its operation is based on the amplification of the sound inside the cavity of the speaker, acting as a natural sounding box. The studied structure and design amplifies and improves the sound of most mobile terminals, and also serves as a support or dock for your terminal. You only need to place your Smartphone in the slot and "press play". Enjoy it!