Eco friendly and sustainable cameras

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Showing all 6 results


Sustainable and ecological cameras are the perfect complement for photography
lovers who, at the same time, opt for conscious and sustainable consumption. Both digital and analog cameras are mainly made of plastic, so recycling or reusing them is very complicated.

For this reason and to help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle, at Ekohunters, we
have selected various cameras to take high-quality photos without sacrificing your
commitment to the environment.

All the selection of cameras that you will find on Ekohunters are handmade with
wood from sustainable forests and are respectful of the environment during the
entire manufacturing process.

You can choose between medium or large format cameras such as the Nopo LF
wood camera . And there are cameras that work with classic 35mm films, such as
the NOPO 135 Wood Camera and films of other sizes. Also, some of them come
with the included chassis, and some do not. A wide variety of wooden cameras so
you can find the one you like the most.