Eco friendly and sustainable jewelry

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    Recycled Silver Earring

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    Ichi Silver Earring

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    Curve Silver Earrings

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    Adjustable recycled silver Ring

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    Thin Silver Hoops

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Sustainable jewelry has taken a prominent role in the fashion industry. Also known as sustainable costume jewelry or ethical jewelry brands, its number of followers is growing, and so are the physical and online places to find them.

Sustainable jewelry, such as earrings, rings, and pendants, is made with materials
that respect the environment, and in many cases, the pieces are hand-made. Which makes them unique pieces of crafts made of sustainable materials.

At Ekohunters, we have selected a variety of sustainable jewelry whose primary
materials include recycled silver. This type of silver is composed of 100% silver
waste and is of the highest quality. The only difference it makes with respect to
traditional silver is that it is more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

Some of the sustainable earrings that you will find on Ekohunters include original
curved earrings and elegant fine earrings made of eco-silver. And you will also find
adjustable eco-friendly rings made in a responsible way for more conscious