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    Tunnel Home

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    Dog Cube Home



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    Duo T cork small stool

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    0314 conical pendant lamp

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    Api reversible bag


Pet accessories

At Ekohunters we offer sustainable pet accessories designed by the best designers. They are mostly plastic-free accessories for dogs or cats designed to take care of both pets thanks to their comfort and safety and the planet through their eco friendly production. We mainly have sustainable homes for animals made of wood, perfect for a house with a natural or Scandinavian aesthetic, although they could be adapted to almost any decoration style.

Each of the sustainable pet accessories is carefully crafted from high-quality eco friendly raw materials. The designers we work with use recycled, recyclable and/or toxic-free materials throughout the production of pet accessories. This eco friendly production contributes to the development of a sustainable production system that is committed to the environmental health of the planet.

You can use the filters that we have available to view only those sustainable pet accessories made with specific materials. You can keep promoting a sustainable lifestyle by choosing eco friendly alternatives even for your pets. Remember that the dog and cat toy industry is highly polluting for the planet as the products primarily contain plastic. So, choosing toys from sustainable production will always be the most environmentally right option.

Some highlighted pet accessories

The Full Loft firm creates sustainable dog and cat homes made with thermoformed sheets of Chopo wood and lacquered iron supports. Each sustainable design has a back vent to provide correct ventilation for the pet and with an aesthetic that makes it a decorative piece for the house. 

The Pepe bedside table is perfect for your pets if they like to always sleep near you. It is a home for dogs or cats, with a plastic-free structure, which at the same time serves as a side table for the house. For this reason, it has a drawer that is located above the ample space designed for small or medium-sized dogs.