Sustainable and eco friendly rest pet accessories

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Rest pet accessories

Your pet is, in a way, part of your family. That is why it deserves a cozy place to
rest while it keeps you company. From Ekohunters, we offer you eco-designed and
sustainable dog kennels. In addition, some of them are multifunctional furniture,
which will combine the rest of your dog or cat with your own comfort, since they
work as a support table in your living room or as a bedside table, as well as a
decoration complement.

Like all our products, these eco-friendly dog houses are made with sustainable
products, using wood as the base material. The thermoformed Poplar wood sheets stand out, as well as their heat-treated steel supports that offer firmness and stability. We have a kennel for dogs or cats, with a memory foam cushion and a high-quality canvas pillowcase, and with another, with a high-density foam bed
with a washable canvas cover that you can choose from.

We offer you different kennels for dogs or cats with a variety of designs and
functionalities, all of them eco-friendly and sustainable, to offer you the
opportunity to put aside the consumption of plastics and other polluting materials.

And thus, you will participate directly in the production of articles in harmony with
the environment. Check out this pet house and side table, pet table with drawers
and eco-design pet hearth.