Eco friendly and sustainable skis and sledges

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    Lock Sled

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    Digitalis ski

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    Gentiane Pro1 sleigh

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    Xabier Veilhan skis

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Skies and sleds

If you are a mountain lover, with Ekohunters you can now slide through the snow
on sustainable and eco-designed skies and sleds. The skies we offer are valid for
sliding and practicing your favorite sport both on and off-piste, but also for hiking
and enjoying the spectacle of nature combining enjoyment with respect for the

At Ekohunters, you will find skies and sleds that are respectful of the environment
surrounding us and 100% locally made in France. The base material of these
products is a resistant and durable wood. One of our sleds has a cork handle. Also,
it is possible to purchase its corresponding sustainable accessories, such as a
leather cover. In this way, you can make winter sparks with products made by
hand and in harmony with nature.

By consuming eco skies and eco sleds, you will be giving away your small-great
contribution to reducing the consumption of polluting materials and, therefore,
promoting ecological and sustainable productions. At Ekohunters, we offer
different products for skating on the snow, and thus, you can choose the one that
best suits your hobby: sled inspired by the traditional sled, design sled, and
versatile and functional skies.