Request an extra adapter for your Trobla and use different smartphones to fill the room with crystal clear sound.

Smartphones are uniquely designed. That’s why they have created several models of their Trobla adapter: made of the same wood as your Trobla, and available for almost any Smartphone in the world. Whatever your smartphone, with Trobla’s personalized adapter you’ll always get the best sound.

Use an adapter to ensure that your Smartphone remains secure when you place it in the Trobla. The adapter is the connecting piece that is placed between your phone and the Trobla. The adapter ensures that sound is guided from your mobile phone to the sound camera that produces the typical Trobla sound. Each smartphone has its own unique adapter. This is not only due to the thickness and width of your mobile phone, but also to the location, size and number of speakers in your phone.

To use the Trobla, the speakers on your Smartphone must be located on the bottom of the device.



Ref: Trobla Adapter

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Solicite un adaptador extra para su Trobla y utilice diferentes teléfonos inteligentes para llenar la habitación con un sonido cristalino.

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Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 cm
Width / Length(cm)
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