Ecodesigned and sustainable wallets

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    Macaron small floor lamp

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    Oo-Manel mobile sculpture

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    Platel wooden dinning table

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    Bajouca Jar

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Eco-friendly wallets are a fashion accessory where design meets utility. These are unique hand-made pieces where you can keep your most valuable objects and keep promoting a sustainable and more conscious lifestyle respectful with the planet.

The eco-friendly wallets are made with sustainable materials that respect the environment throughout their manufacturing process and minimize their carbon emissions during their transportation.

At Ekohunters, we have selected the best eco-designed and sustainable wallets for both women and men. All of them are made with sustainable materials that are both resistant and durable. For example, you will find some nice Origami Wallets made of washable Oeko-Tex certified paper.

You can choose different models with or without a zipper and colors such as white or brown. Also, don´t forget to combine your sustainable wallet with your favorite an eco-friendly backpack or bag.