Eco friendly and sustainable watches

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    Silt 607 wood watch

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    Plano 661 wood watch

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    Volcano 611 wood watch

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    Globe Turquoise pendant lamp

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    Sphere Table Cardboard Lamp

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    Statement paper wall lamp

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    Lindenwood blocks, five hundred pieces

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Eco-friendly and sustainable watches are increasingly present and have become a trend in the watch industry. Thus, we can already find wooden watches available from many brands.

Eco-friendly watches are lightweight yet durable. Some of the primary materials used for their production are natural or recycled materials such as cork, cotton, wood, bamboo, and linen. While the inner boxes are made of aluminum, and the straps are usually made of wood or 100% recycled plastic.

At Ekohunters, we have selected those eco-friendly watches that genuinely respect the planet throughout their production and distribution process, minimizing their environmental impact as much as possible. You can find watches made with certified sustainable bamboo wood and sustainable sandalwood, among other eco-friendly materials.

One of the best-selling eco-friendly watches is the Histo 600 wooden watch . This elegant and comfortable watch is made of bamboo wood. And it has become an iconic fashion accessory indispensable for those who want to lead a sustainable lifestyle and promote a more conscious consumption.