Sustainable and eco friendly lamps

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Showing 1–27 of 242 results

At Ekohunters, we distribute designer lamps and other lighting products created by the world’s best eco-designers. Among our selection of ecological lamps, you can find ceiling lamps, floor, table, wall, and lighting accessories. You can search for different types of lamps to find the one that best matches your home’s furniture, decoration and style.

We offer a wide variety of lighting products and accessories. All of them are produced with sustainable materials, both natural and recycled, without any chemical alteration and without using additives.

The manufacturing process of all the lighting elements that you will find on Ekohunters is free of toxic and petroleum-derived plastics. Likewise, all the products we offer are manufactured and distributed in an environmentally friendly way and aim to make a more responsible and conscious use of the products we consume.

Ceiling design lamps

Our eco-friendly and sustainable ceiling lights are ideal for the living room area, the bedrooms, or the dining room. The most used materials for their manufacture are cardboard, paper, and wood chips. You can choose between pendant lamps in natural colors or more original and daring geometric designs.

For example, the Solar Pendant Lamp is a unique piece made of birch wood that when you turn it on, it fills the room with beautiful geometric shapes. If you put it in the dining room, it will give the chairs and table a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. And if you put it in your living room area, it will illuminate the furniture with exceptional light.

In any case, the ceiling lamp you choose from our selection will give the space of your home where you put it, a unique atmosphere in harmony with the environment and feeling closer to nature.

Floor lamps

The floor lamps that you will find on Ekohunters are unique decoration elements, and they are ideal for giving light to a special piece of furniture such as a sofa or an armchair. They are interior design elements that will not leave anyone indifferent. From a small lamp with a rounded shape to a tall and imposing floor lamp that, in addition to illuminating the living room, it will give the space a gorgeous personality for those who love interior design and environmentalism.

Some of the materials used to make these unique floor lamps are ceramic, linen, wood, and steel. All of them are reused, recycled, or renewable materials that respect the environment.

Explore the floor lamps section at Ekohunters to find the one that best matches your living room decor. It will undoubtedly bring a unique, original, and eco- friendly style to your home.

Table lamps

Ekohunter’s table lamp section offers a wide variety of original lamps that will give your desk, or any table in your home, a modern yet sustainable style. Authentic pieces of design that will make anyone passionate about interior design fall in love. From a table lamp made with a rock base and a wooden arm to a cardboard sphere or table lights made with paper lampshades using the origami technique. We offer a wide range of sustainable table lamps for you to find the most suitable one.

Wall lamps

The selection of wall lamps that you will find on Ekohunters will give your home a very elegant and sustainable lighting. Each wall lamp has a unique design, from those made of recycled copper, providing industrial design to others made of cork with a warmer design. Search among our wall lamps to find the style that best suits you.

Lamp parts and accessories

Among the lamp parts and accessories that you can find at Ekohunters, there are recycled plastic lampshades, cane lampshades of different shapes, and cane garlands, among other original and exciting accessories. Search among a wide variety of accessories to improve your home’s lighting. Or, turn that lamp that you no longer use into a stunning lighting item next to your sofa or bed.

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials

You can now search among the best lamp accessories and other lighting products designed by the best eco-designers in the world and find what you need to make your home a more pleasant and functional place. Turn your home into an environmentally friendly space where you can lead a healthier lifestyle and feel in contact with nature.

The sustainable lighting products you will find at Ekohunters use environmentally friendly raw materials such as solid wood, cardboard, recycled paper, cork, recycled steel, reused parts, and other reclaimed materials.

Eco-designers use a wide range of sustainable materials to shape unique and eco- friendly lamps and original lighting fixtures. Decorate your home with eco-friendly design products while contributing to the development of more conscious consumption and a more respectful lifestyle with nature.