Ecologic and sustainable floor lamps

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Showing all 18 results

Floor lamps
At Ekohunters, we offer you a great selection of sustainable floor lamps that are eco-designed by the world’s best designers. Among the wide variety of floor lamps, you can find lamps made of wood, paper, cardboard, ceramic, natural fibers, and recycled copper, among others.

All the floor lamps that you will find in our marketplace are made with sustainable materials. And many of them reuse discarded materials giving them a second life.

The eco-designers we work with use recyclable and renewable, toxic-free materials throughout the product’s entire manufacturing and distribution process. And they manage to reduce as much as possible the emissions generated during transport.

Explore our extensive collection of floor lamps of different shapes and sizes and choose the one you like best to create an eco-friendly, natural, or industrial environment in your home.

Spherical floor lamps
At Ekohunters, we offer you floor lamps with spherical shapes with diameters of different sizes. These types of lights are made of cardboard, paper, or wood and will give your room a warm and cozy lighting.

Tall floor lamps
At Ekohunters, we offer various tall floor lamps made mainly with ecological wood and customizable shades. These are light structures that will give your room a soft lighting. So they are ideal for lounges and living rooms.

Industrial style floor lamps
If you want to give your home an industrial style, in Ekohunters, you will also find industrial style floor lamp . These are elegant and sustainable lamps made from coils of welding machines. They are a great way to reuse materials and give them a second life.