Ecologic and sustainable pendant lamps

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Showing 1–27 of 144 results

Pendant lamps
At Ekohunters, we offer you a great selection of sustainable ceiling lamps that are eco-designed by the world’s best designers. Among the wide variety of pendant lamps, you can find lamps made of wood, paper, cardboard, aluminum, ceramic, cork, and glass, among other renewable materials.

All the ceiling lamps that you will find in our marketplace are made with sustainable materials. So they will help you create a natural environment and eco- friendly decoration in your home.

The eco-designers we work with use recyclable and renewable, toxic-free materials throughout the product’s manufacturing and distribution process. And they manage to reduce as much as possible the emissions generated during transportation.

With Ekohunters, you can now explore an extensive collection of totally sustainable and environmentally friendly pendant lamps. Choose the lights that you like the most for your home decoration, and continue to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Hanging origami lamps
The origami-style ceiling lamps are made with high-quality paper providing excellent mechanical resistance. Clean lines and geometric shapes inspire them to give your space a warm and modern style. At Ekohunters, you will find origami lamps of many sizes and colors.

Cardboard pendant lamps
At Ekohunters, we offer a wide variety of lamps made by hand by superimposing corrugated cardboard pieces. You can find cardboard lamps in a multitude of shapes: rounded, oval, and angular. And you can choose among shades for lights of different colors such as white, hazelnut, gray, black or natural, amongst others.

Recycled metal ceiling lamps
Hanging lamps made from recycled metal are ideal for giving your space an industrial style. They are made from the remains of beams used during the production processes. In this sense, the eco-designers of these recycled metal ceiling lamps provide a second life to these materials through upcycling, which would otherwise be discarded.