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Lock Furniture is a Bulgarian company founded in 2014 specialized for innovative product design and flat-pack eco-friendly furniture manufacturing.

Their unique interlocking assembly systems are the result of a long and complex development and prototyping process, which ensures strength and durability, while still allowing for a transformation and a game of shapes most commonly reserved to the plastic arts.


Lese Series: Chair, Stool, Low chair and Floor Lamp.

Their ecologic furniture pieces integrate art and functionality, carrying the classic sense of warmth and comfort provided by its natural noble materials such as wood and leather.

eco-friendly flat furniture

Space Series: Coat stand, Sofa and Side table

Konstantin Achkov, the designer and inventor behind Lock Furniture’s unique pieces, is a sculptor who for many years has worked with complex structures like “tensegrity” – three-dimensional structures that remain stable through a combination of elements under tension and elements under compression – and one of the leading experts in puzzle and interlocking systems design.

His Electron Chair is a 2016 A´Design winner and Top 10 furniture piece 2016.

electron-chair-lock-furnitureElectron Chair

The concept of puzzle furniture is a direct referent to the modern gaming culture, while at the same time relating to our inborn instinct to work with our hands, build our own home and craft pieces for our family to enjoy.

The buyer is the final executor of the designer’s idea, taking a direct and very important role in the whole artistic process.


Arch Series: Chair, Arm chair, Low chair, Desk and Table

Lock Furniture´s innovative eco-friendly furniture pieces are made from high quality calibrated beech plywood – which combines firmness, durability and lightness – and produced eco-eficiently through CNC routing production (a modern computer-controlled cutting technique), which results on zero waste production. Additionally, all products are shipped flat-pack for a more sustainable and effective transportation.

frame-arm-chair-lock-furniture Frame Series: Chair and Arm chair

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