The products offered for sale through ekohunters.com can be sent through different operators, each with its estimated delivery period and price. Depending on whether it is a product that is in stock or not, is made to order, its size, whether it is an export or import etc. All the data (except the logistical costs and the costs of customs and duties) are provided in the product file. The logistic expenses will be included in the purchase process once the buyer establishes the shipping address. In the case of an import / export you must take into account that the final price paid will be increased by the corresponding taxes and duties, which will be charged by the corresponding customs agency, as they cannot be calculated in advance. If another type of tax is applicable, it will be indicated (IGIC or IPSI). By confirming your purchase, you are accepting and assuming the payment of these additional costs.

In case of doubt, send us an email to support@ekohunters.com, where we will attend you as soon as possible.

Delayed delivery

We work together with our logistics operators to ensure that your purchase satisfaction is excellent. In case of delay in the shipment, we will send you an email, informing you of the causes as well as the new expected delivery date.

What countries do we ship to?

Almost all our products are sent to all continents. Otherwise it will be specified in the product sheet. In case a product is not sent to your country and you are interested in the product, send us an email to support@ekohunters.com, and we will study the possibility, together with the seller, of sending you the product.