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Deriva is a brand dedicated to innovation, creativity and sustainability. Our origin, a sailmaker, give us the inspiration to give all kind of products a beautiful second life. Just to improve this idea of sustainability we have integrated solutions like aditive manufactured complements in our products.

The result are products with a fine finish; pure digital handcraft.

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Alba Albelda, Ramón Goñi

Alba Albelda and Ramón Goñi. They started with an idea. and idea that comes from a origin.

The idea grew. We started to make first designs and prototypes. Completely involved in this endless journey, we knew new great solutions to reach a better design and product concept like additive manufacturing.

Always making decisions to reach our own sustainable concept level. We just are critical with each question and how we solve each problem.

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  • 1701 Backpack

    1701 Backpack

    Deriva Sailmakers
  • Llaveros


    Deriva Sailmakers
  • Gambara Backpack

    Gambara Backpack

    Deriva Sailmakers