It's not a bike, it's an ECCE!

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Experience the pleasure of riding on a piece of art!

In an ordered, even preformatted world, ECCE Cycles liberates itself from the set codes to take form to another level.

With the work of the designer Pierre Lallemand, ECCE Cycles has given birth to unique and exclusive products, with elegant, sporting curves that open up the boundaries of aestheticism to new horizons.

Born in Bruxelles in 2012, surrounded by exceptionally skilled engineers and craftsmen, ECCE Cycles mobilises its talents to build a prestigious brand that encompasses originality and technology.

Liberating themselves from their formalism, ECCE cycles breaks the set codes of the urban bicycles in their current form, and their double triangle format that has characterised the bicycle for 150 years.

The form creates a challenging and enigmatic object; the bicycle becomes an object of desire, an object of pleasure. It is no longer a matter of riding a bike: one is astride an unusual object, a true piece of art.

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Pierre Lallemand

More than just an Architect, Pierre Lallemand is also a Designer and an Artist.

Combining genuine curiosity about perception with concern for the future of society, Pierre Lallemand approaches and resolves the technical, economic and ecological complexities inherent to design in many different areas, such as boat, light, cars, bicycles and furniture from the perspective of a visual artist through a wide range of media (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.)

Pierre Lallemand has created its bikes intuitively, by trial and error. After along series of experiments, he was convinced that the form was as favorable as possible to the weight/strength ratio. The futuristic and poetic result defies the imagination, reviving the enthusiasm and desire for this mode of transport.

All this research work express a desire to contribute to the renewa lof a century, while searching for other ways of life.

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  • OPUS Wood bicycle