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Our philosophy of networking allows us to tackle a wide range of jobs, but we mainly write architecture and urban planning projects from an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable perspective.

Commitment to sustainability

Nowadays, we cannot understand any other way of working than through a broad and conscious vision of the environmental, energy, economic and social problems that surround us.

At Ecoproyecta, we are convinced that this global problem can be tackled from a local perspective, provided that it is based on sustainability criteria. Therefore, any project that we undertake, from a small single-family house to a master plan, through an intervention in the landscape, we do it from this position, from the commitment to sustainability.

The use of natural or recycled materials, the integration and exploitation of the natural flows of the place (natural ventilation and lighting, thermal inertia of the land, etc.), the incorporation of native vegetation as a working material, the search for renewable energy sources, a reasonable management of water and natural resources, or citizen participation in decision making are some of the strategies that are always on the table when responding to the works proposed from Ecoproyecta.

Zero kilometer architecture.

The world of gastronomy has been reacting for years to the damage caused by the so-called "fast food" and has been consolidating an alternative current "slow food" among which the postulates is the kitchen kilometer zero (km 0), made with organic products that come from an environment close to the place where they are consumed.

Imported from this world of food, the architecture km 0 is a concept that Ecoproyecta applies to its projects always within the possibilities offered by the market and economic conditions. This type of architecture tries to solve the material needs by turning to industry, manufacturing or local craftsmanship as a first option.

This saves transportation costs and reduces the ecological footprint of the construction site, as it reduces the amount of fuel required to bring the materials to the construction site. But it also promotes local development and indirectly makes use of techniques and materials that have traditionally had good results in the place where the building or the action in question is located.

Our social commitment makes us bet on active participation in certain non-profit associations and foundations that work for sustainability, the environment and renewable energies such as: Green Building Council Spain, the Fundación Energías Renovables or SOM Energía.

During these years working with the philosophy of consideration for sustainability and networking we have achieved that our work is recognized at regional, national and European level.

The Sustainable Development Prize awarded to us by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Water of the Region of Murcia in 2010 was an important boost at regional level for Ecoproyecta; a boost that continued at national level with the Solar Prize, awarded by the Eurosolar Association, and later with the Special Mention in the Mediterranean Landscape Prize within the European PAYS MED URBAN programme.

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