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In Kardam, they have achieved the combination of sustainability, art and sport by making bikes that are much more: unique pieces, handmade products, artworks. In each one, Enrique Gómez Romero, the brand founder, puts his long experience working wood and the ilusion that made him start the project.

The bikes are made of certified wood, coming from sustainable forests and in each one it is possible to customize from the type of raw material (maple, jatoba, European walnut) until the components or the design. The result is an unique product, that combines the handmade manufacture and the sustainable design with the sophisticated technology.

Two months are required to with birth to this product. The process is meticulous and slow: first of all the wood of the planks is cut, remove the strips that are introduced in the molds and finally the pieces are glued to assemble the whole structure. It is necessary to wait 8 hours since the first piece is glued until the next piece is glued, using state-to-the-art adhesives.

The experience of adding to the sustainable mobility in a Kardam is a luxury that you can afford.

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Enrique Gómez Romero

For this ecodesigner, wood is part of his life. He comes from a family of cabinetmakers and he has been manufaturing and selling furniture for around 20 years.

With Kardam, he joins his passion for design with a firm commitment to natural raw materials and respect towards the environment. His decades of experience are present in the product quality and his talent and dedication to the fine lines of the design.

Experience, professionalism, creativity and innovation are the features that define the founder of the ecodesigned bikes brand, Kardam.

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