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Le Blume defends sustainable, simple and smart design, by creating objects that claim simplicity and naturalness as well as lifestyle for habitat. Objects that makes us easier our daily life. Unadorned, because they believe in the seduction of things that do not pretend to seduce and because they are convinced that best products do not need to shine.

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Damián López

Damian Lopez began his studies of Industrial Design Engineering Technician in the Polytechnic School of the University of Málaga in 2004 and finished in the Polytechnic University of Valencia, thanks to an exchange grant, Sicue-Séneca.

He continued his formation by working in different studies such as Rbleión, a collective groups of designers from different fields focused on graphic, communication and audiovisual design.

Later on, he starts working in the Valencian Studio Lavernia&Cienfuegos as a graphic and industrial designer.

It would not be until 2011, after presenting his first collection in the Habitat Fair of Valencia, when he starts his career as a freelance designer under the name of LeBlume.

One year later, he moves his studio to Malaga, obtaining his first prize in the Baang Mix contest for Soffee.

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