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Lucirmás is a studio of sustainable design, specialized in glass, where contemporary designs think for a responsible consume come to life, made without hurry, with love and with care.

In his workshop of Barcelona they work to offer you products made 100% of recycled glass that look with the beautiful quality of a handmade product, with an honest and durable design.

Each object that they reuse has its past, its history, and they try to made it an important part of your life.

Their mission is to bring out the abandoned glass, made its life longer and transform it into an object in tune with your sensitivity.

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Lucia Bruni

The person behind Lucirmas and its creative engine is, Lucia.

Lucia was born in Italy, formed in Fine Arts and 10 years ago decided to make a change in her life and went to Barcelona to form herself. Since then, she kept cautivated with that beautiful mediterranean city, the wind and the sky in an its incredible blue tone.

Her parents are both biologists and they have educated, Lucia and her brothers, in the respect for nature and in an ecologic and sustainble style of life. Something that has become one of the pillars of her work and personal life.

Her specialization in recycled glass, did not start as a casuality: it was in a final master project in UPC (2006), when she felt in love with this material; among her many qualities, what cautivated her the most was the fact of being infinitely recycled. Her tesis had the following title: "A little bit far away from a glass bottle", with it she passed with honour and the same year was chosen to obtain the Prize AdiFad in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, she has been developing tecniques and knowledge by studying Product Design in the Elisava School and in Design and Manipulation of Glass in the Fundació Centre Of Glass.

The born of Lucirmas was a great revelation and a great step for personal growth for Lucia. It is a professional project from which she is extremely proud.

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  • LaFlor pendant lamp