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Lumir is a portmanteau word of 'lumi' which means the light and 'mir', the world.

"What if one candle could light up a room?”

This one question was an inspiration to create Lumir to resolve light shortage problems throughout the world.

With a goal of lighting up the world, they started their business in December, 2014 and continue to devote themselves to resolving the problem of the lack of light in the world, by developing efficient and innovative lighting apparatus.

In 2016, Lumir launched the first model 'Lumir C' which enhances the light of a candle up to 60 times without any electricity or battery.

In both of developed and developing countries, the majority of people have experienced the inconvenience of electrical failures and blackouts. Even today, many households in developing countries still depend on candlelight to brighten up the darkness in their house.

The Seebeck effect is a thermoelectrical principle by which a temperature difference between two types of semi-conductors produces electricity. Harnessing the potential of this phenome- non, Lumir’s LED lights up off the heat energy from just a single candle, without relying on any external power supply.

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Jehwan Park

It was 2014 when Jehwan traveled to India, where he was surprised that more than 1.2 million people in the country could not access electricity.

Once the problem was identified, the young Korean set out to find a solution to be able to illuminate an entire room using only one candle. A few months passed until Park decided to found the startup Lumir and began selling the first products you see at Ekohunters.

Lamps that feed on the heat of a candle to produce light.

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