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Launched in 2016, Evelyne Depuydt and Astrid De Clerck develop, design and produce cardboard toys under the name of Mister Tody.

The cool thing about these toys is that the kids have to get inside to play with them. There is no better way to stimulate the fantasy of children and to let them play their dreams! Children love exploring the world and to let their imagination run wild. That could easily be done in a plane, car or boat. Young adventurers can take place in these toys and set their own course in a sustainable and funny way.

Mr tody is a new brand, with eye for detail and tailormade for the litte ones!

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Astrid De Clerck, Evelyne Depuydt

Astrid and Evelyne are two young businesswomen willing to conquer the world. Evelyne had been working in the family business when they developed a cardboard airplane for a marketing campaign aimed at reaching out to their customers in a fun way. The campaign was so succesful that she felt she could go deeper into the idea.

So convinced of her dream, Evelyn shared it with her closest people, including Astrid, who decided to join the project. It was time for action.

Product Catalogue

  • Mister Tody`s cardboard plane
  • Mister Tody`s cardboard car
  • Mister Tody`s cardboard boat