Reez is not a brand, is a family, a geneology of a new beauty

- Spain -

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Reez is a unit, a pleasure, a pleasant and seductive challenge. The life between two people is equal to the life between its relatives, that is how art, photography, design, and the treatment of glass as art are reached.

In this trip that began in 2002 they have learned a lot along with many accomplices: the meaning of the word workshop, the work that is sold; the place where one works, the factory of ideas as a place where work takes shape; the creation of a language, a style, an identity tool.

In what Reez has become today, it is the fruit of that complicity, a reciprocal complicity. Reez prepares us for every new sunrise, bringing us that push, that touch of distinction.

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Celine Re

Speaking about Reez is speaking about two, is speaking about Celina Re and Juan Lopez, two creators of Argentin origin who work together since 2002 in Granada.

Settled in the historic neighbourhood of Albaizyn, they work designing and giving live to a series of products with a strong personality. These products are made of glass.

Between those products we find their ecodesigned series of lamps and other objects made from recycled glass bottles.

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  • Pallet Lamp