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They love what they do.

Combining their passion for surfing and woodwork, Sliver Eco Surfboards is dedicated to building high-performance surfboards and accessories, using recycled and ecological materials with the goal to offer an ecological solution to the global surf community, helping to reduce the environmental impact that our planet has been suffering.

They have created a product that is innovative not only for its unique design and performance but also for its responsible role in ensuring the future of our planet.

Lanzarote inspires them.

Based in the island of Lanzarote they found the inspiration to create products, mainly made by wood, in balance with the environment in a place where, they believe, the world began. Between volcanoes, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they are constantly researching and developing new ways and technics to build ecological surfboards and accessories.

Let's be optimistic and live facing the future, respecting human values ​​and preserving our planet.

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Paulo de Sousa

Paulo de Sousa, founder and owner, is a long boarder soul surfer and a nature-lover.

He was born in 1977 in Portugal, place where he started working with wood, which was the first craft he ever learned.

His passion about woodwork was kept since then, although his career took him in a different direction leaving his passion behind. In 2012 he decided to move to Lanzarote in Canary Islands, and this place brought him again the inspiration and creativity to work with wood in harmony with the nature.

The magical landscapes of Lanzarote inspired them to create in balance with nature and the legacy left by Cesar Manrique, a local artist who managed to translate Lanzarote’s natural beauty into art works. He has been a reference for their creativity to develop ecologic surfboards made from natural and ecological materials.

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  • Fish Surfboard

    Fish Surfboard

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    Nose Rider Longboard

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