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Ecological outlook development in the process of object creating.

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Viktor Puzur and his father, Mikhail Puzur, are the creators of Puzur Bureau, a Ukrainian design studio in which they create objects of industrial art, furniture, interior design and landscaping.

Their work philosophy is based on the pillars of ecodesign, The conservation of the environment is the starting point: in the selection of raw materials as well as in the production process, the study ensures quality and sustainability go hand in hand.

Thus, Puzur Bureau works as a priority with raw materials Ecological and the concept of proximity is present in the selection of both the materials and the energy resources they use.

Their objective is to reduce as much as possible both the material needed to produce their products and the energy costs derived from the production and The waste generated by applying the most advanced techniques and technology in the manufacturing process.

As part of the movement to support recycling, Puzur Bureau designs and produces its "Trempel" hangers made from recycled cardboard tubes.

These hangers are at odds between the functionality for which they are created and the beauty of their design that almost turns them into decorative objects.

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Viktor Puzur

Viktor Puzur is an industrial and interior designer, graduated in Industrial Design from the Kharkiv State Academy od Design and Arts.

He is a member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine and has participated in many international design exhibitions and competitions, winning in 2016 the "Golden A design contest".

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