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The name is pretty self-explanatory, tok tok refers to the type of material that is used to create the Trobla, wood and the sound your knuckles make when you knock on it.

According to an ancient custom, it’s supposed to bring you luck and guard against evil. It also calls upon the benevolent spirits of the woods to watch over you – which is probably what happened when they launched Trobla.

Their mission was to build a resourceful young company that designs and manufactures wooden products, with an eye on innovation.

They care as much about our planet as you do. That is why they made sure Trobla is fully recyclable and durable. It is made from locally sourced and certified wood,which is not only ecologically sustainable and responsible, but also gives the Trobla its warm and natural look and feel. In a world that is being dominated by electronics, this is a welcome change.

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Matej, Andrej, Martin

It all started when Matej and Andrej got together at Andrej´s grandfather's semi-abandoned woodworking shop and decided to bring it back to life. Then Martin jumped on board.

These three friends share a unique passion: creating original, stylish and sustainable furniture. Tok Tok is the company they built on hard work and dedication.

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