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Tumaker Company is a professional 3D printer manufacturer, oriented for individuals, companies and organizations that want to use them with a professional service guarantee.

Also known as the connected 3D printer company, it creates products that alter the status quo. It is a young, different, innovative and open company that acts as a bridge between the communities that create software, hardware and open source personal manufacturing machines.

Its mission is to bring the benefits of 3D printing to people's daily lives, without the need for knowledge or complications, to open a new channel of sustainable consumption of objects to the world.

After more than four years of experience in the world of industrial 3D printing, they have launched Voladd, the first 3D printer with meaning in people's everyday lives.

This printer, compatible with PLA cartridges, allows the user to produce in a sustainable way according to their needs, thus avoiding mass production of articles, storage and subsequent distribution and thus contributing to the minimization of carbon emissions generated by the industry as a whole.

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Jon Bengoetxea

Jon Bengoetxea, CEO of Tumaker, is the vision behind the machine.

After studying Business Administration at the European University, his entrepreneurial attitude has led him to be the founder of several projects such as 35labs, K35 IT Managers Group and Tumaker. He defines himself not as an entrepreneur, but as a learner; someone who is risky, non-conformist, innovative and thirsty for experience

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