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At Wood Feelings they work for craftsmanship and design to go hand in hand, offering their customers products that showcase their philosophy and their love for wood.

The full dedication of the team from the first sketch to the final product is the distinguishing feature of the company.

Wood Feelings are design, study, and observation, they are test and adjustment, result and process. Each phase of the process is vital! The idea, the layout design, the craft production ... everything is carefully taken care of to offer a unique piece of furniture.

Handcrafted furniture requires a detailed study and a multidisciplinary work, since wood is a very valuable material, with natural movement to be understood and respected.

They offer their customers pieces created entirely in solid wood with high quality standards, which makes them a product for life. In this way they want to transmit love for the classics, looking towards the future.

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Adriana Pardo, Yago Mendez

Adriana, designer, lived in Milan, where she worked for big brands in the fashion world.

Yago, screenwriter and filmmaker, has worked on series and films at a national level.

Coming from opposing worlds such as fashion and cinema, Adriana and Yago embarked on this project with some shared goals: to recover the furniture passed down from our parents, to reclaim the value of the product and of Spanish design, and to transmit their love for wood.

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  • Kabu


  • Sanbe