Decafé, sustainable lamps and accesories made from coffe grounds

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Coffee is a very well-known product in the world and consume daily by millions of people. It is able to comfort, stimulate and even inspire us through its aroma and taste, but thanks to creativity and Raul Lauri and his teamwork's commitment, is also able of offering us much more.

Decafe gives name to its lamps brand and its ecodesigned accesories made of coffee grounds; but it also makes reference to the material that arises when giving them a second life.

Through a craft process based on culinary technics, its creator, Raúl Laurí, manages to transform the discarded grounds into decafe, a 100% natural and biodegradable material with which it manufactures objects of sustainable design. Besides being ecological products, both for the raw material and for the manufactured process, all the Decafe pieces have a high quality finished.

Each piece is an unique product, in which all details are taken care and which enjoys a proper character and a very special colour, coming from the grounds used by this brand; 100% arabic, first quality.

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Raúl Laurí Pla

This designer from Alicante was born in 1980 and graduated as a product designer at EASD Alcoy, after which he continued training in materials and processes.

He has extensive experience in product design and development thanks to his eight years as head of Technical Department at DIEN, his three years as a freelance designer and his experience in R&D in ACTIU.

His creative spirit, his commitment to sustainability and his interest in innovation, impulse him to constantly seek new materials from the culinary waste that we generate. Thanks to this decafé the product was born as well as Decafé, the ecodesign brand.

His work has been recognized with the First Prize in the Salone Satellite Award in 2012, when he decided to launch his own studio "Raúl Laurí design lab" developing the design and self-production of the pieces with decafe.

The "Decafé collection" has been exhibited in galleries, museums and international fairs, and from it have been echoed design books, magazines and newspapers from around the world, as an example of state-of-the-art avant-garde product.

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