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Houd was born from the collaboration between David Sandoval, and Gustavo Huertas. In 2012 they began working on designing home speakers, and other accessories. Their activities started ranging from market analysis, defining concepts, project engineering, industrial design analysis of media and the final step of launching products to the market.

Their approach to projects is aimed at creating poetic objects that tell something to those who observe them, creating a little magic with their designs so as to make every room, place, or environment an enjoyable place to be.

Their products are speakers with design and quality materials, based on two types of amplification. The first one is completely natural and acoustic, it operates according to the position of the speaker of mobile devices without electricity. Apart of it, we created a solid wood cabinet, which makes the best amplified sound waves, creating resonance depending on the surface. All our products are made with the best wood and hand-crafter one at a time by skilled artisans.

David and Gustavo consider their products to be an active amplification of traditional audio components, looking for a stylish alternative to conventional speakers, combined with an emotional appeal on a minimalist design language. "

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David Sandoval, Gustsavo Huertas

Houdsound are a team of two based in Bogota, Colombia, David Sandoval is a sound engineer and one of the founding partners of Houd. For several years he has worked in the development of sound systems as well as the design, photography and creativity. He is also a fan of technology and communication. The Industrial Designer Gustavo Huertas is the other co-founder of Houd. He is passionate about product design, art and music, producing new ideas and experiences and considers himself to be a innovation junkie.

They share passions with their customers and try to understand their active lifestyle. Their focus is always innovation and the search for new technologies and design solutions that can solve particular problems.

They create products that are easy to use and carry, and their aim is to create better designs generating new experiences for customers.

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  • Passive loudspeaker
  • Passive Mini loudspeaker
  • Kurven loudspeaker
  • Klass loudspeaker