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Creative design studio, Nina+Co is an interior design, product design and visual identity studiocurrently based in London and Barcelona.

With a strong focus on sustainability and projects witha sense of community, Nina+Co aim to create both environmentally and socially sustainable solutions by considering the environmental impact and real human needs at every stage of thedesign, manufacture and installation process.

The studio was formed by Nina Woodcroft in 2014. Nina entered the world of interior design thirteen years ago when she took a position as receptionist at a prominent London hospitality design firm.

After discovering a passion and a talent for interior design, she developed and grew within the company over ten years, eventually travelling to international project locations,designing luxury hotels and residences, and ultimately becoming an associate of the company while still in her mid-twenties.

Starting her own studio has enabled Nina to apply a sustainable mindset to smaller, more intimate projects, and to collaborate with other talented designers and makers. It has created the freedom to live in, experience and draw inspiration from new cities and cultures, and to explore other avenues of design including creating a successful product line.

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Nina Woodcroft

Nina was born and raised in eclectic Camden Town, London, with Australian mother and Danish-Indian father. She has lived in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona, working internationally from these bases.

The combination of these cultures and lifestyles inform herclean and mindful approach to design, stylishly instilling the essentials and leaving the unnecessary behind.

Nina is drawn to simple, honest forms and fresh, muted tones, apparent inthe ceramics and her consultancy work alike.

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