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Borealis Ltd started in 2010 as a family business with Jaanus Orgusaar the head designer and Margit Lillak the sales and marketing manager.

Their focus has always been sustainably produced perfectioned design objects made of natural materials - birch plywood mainly. As most of the furniture objects are flatpack their aim has been exporting with small shipping footprint.

Their bestseller products have been the Comb series shelves, that have been popular with the audience all over Europe. Besides furniture they have a tiny architecture branch producing small self-sustainable living units.

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Jaanus Orgusaar

Jaanus Orgusaar is an inventor and designer who dives straight to the primal source – his work is inspired by nature’s geometry that makes his objects clearly distinguishable.

His trademark is the construction of three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional sheet material through inventive patterns.

As a passionate experimenter he plays with structures resulting in surprising design and architectural objects. The shape, being based on nature’s principles, enables to change the scale of the object and so it’s possible that a lamp on Jaanus’ work desk can transform into a house andvice versa.

His sculptural interior design objects are both practical and beautiful, offering a unique spatial experience. Just as nature strives for structure and order, adapts to the surroundings, the designer tries to do the same.

Jaanus Orgusaar transfers and abstracts nature into design and architecture. Most interior objects have been created out of the practical needs of the designer’s own family. All products are in daily use of the family - tried, tested and perfected over the years.

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    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Visitors


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Nemo


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Mesa cafe Nemo

    Mesa cafe Nemo

    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • 8 cells

    8 cells

    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Nautilus


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Dune


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Comb


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Solar


    Jaanus Orgusaar
  • Zome


    Jaanus Orgusaar