Minipiu: Creating happy and sustainable childhoods

Minipiu: Creando infancias felices y sostenibles

Minipiu represents, first and foremost, a celebration of play as the fundamental foundation of childhood. This family-rooted company, in keeping with the principles of sustainability, is passionately dedicated to creating healthy and happy environments for our children. Located in the idyllic natural setting of Montserrat in Barcelona, Minipiu strives to transform the dreams of little ones and their parents into a beautiful reality.

In this article, we will explore in depth Minipiu, its products, its present and its promising future.

The story behind Minipiu

Minipiu came about as a result of the shared passion and creativity of three siblings who decided to pool their talents and knowledge to establish a unique children’s furniture company. The beginning of this idea dates back to the time when Annabel, one of the brothers, was in a difficult work situation. During the same period, her brother was preparing to become a father for the first time. Although her brother had acquired carpentry experience in the past and had a deep passion for the trade, he was not actively pursuing it at the time.

In the first few months since founding the company, Annabel focused on designing and creating safe and certified custom pacifier holders. During a family meeting, where she shared her initial experiences in the business, her brother proposed the idea of incorporating an adaptive chair that he had designed in his spare time for his future daughter. Together they decided to gradually introduce these furniture designs, which his brother would make for his own daughter, on their website to gauge customer response.

The enthusiastic response from customers was extraordinary, prompting them to consider expanding their product range over time. Thus, Minipiu essentially came to life at the same time Annabel’s niece arrived, thanks in part to her.

Her first creation was the three-position chair, notable for its unique handles designed to resemble the shape of a cloud. This design element was intended to be distinctive, going beyond conventional hand holes and taking a more creative approach, symbolizing softness and tenderness. Without intending to, the cloud motif became their hallmark.

They share the belief that the environment in which children grow up can have a significant impact on their development and well-being. They are passionate about contributing to the creation of welcoming and stimulating spaces for young children. Their motivation lies in giving other families the opportunity to decorate their children’s rooms in a unique and personalized way, which inspired them to embark on this exciting adventure into the world of children’s furniture.

Minipiu: Creating happy and sustainable childhoods

Minipiu’s products

Minipiu specializes in offering children’s furniture, personalized treasure baskets and decorative items, with a vision to expand its catalog to include all the essential elements for a child’s room or play space. However, there is one product that stands out above the rest: the hanging hemispheres.

The concept behind the hanging hemispheres arose from the desire to optimize available resources and materials to the maximum. They observed that, from the scraps left over from the Pikler-inspired cube in the form of a sphere, a creative opportunity presented itself. After exploring various alternatives, such as clocks or panels with personalized names, without finding a satisfactory solution, they finally came up with a solution. They opted to create customized containers that could be attached to the round remnants.

The result captivated them, and since their launch, these hanging hemispheres have become the flagship product of their website. Today, Minipiu offers these hemispheres in a variety of shapes, including round, bear and lion. In addition, they continue to explore new and attractive ways to embellish rooms with their hemispheres.

Minipiu: Creating happy and sustainable childhoods

The Minipiu Treasure Basket

The concept of the “treasure basket” represents both a philosophy and a product carefully designed to promote creative play and sensory development in children at an early age. This approach involves the arrangement of a basket that is filled with a varied selection of natural and everyday objects, specially selected for their safety and suitability for children to explore, touch, smell and discover.

The fundamental purpose of the “basket of treasures” is to stimulate curiosity, imagination and learning by engaging in sensory play and experimentation. Since the company’s inception, Minipiu has offered a wide range of materials, allowing each family to select those that best suit their preferences and thus create customized baskets that fully meet their needs.

Minipiu: Creando infancias felices y sostenibles

Minipiu and sustainability

Minipiu‘s commitment to sustainability represents a fundamental pillar in its business philosophy. The company places a high value on environmental and social responsibility in the manufacturing process of its products. Their primary focus is on the use of wood supplied by local suppliers, and they also collaborate closely with artisan workshops throughout Spain to manufacture their products. This collaboration not only allows them to guarantee the quality of their products, but also to provide employment opportunities for small artisans in Spain.

Minipiu has considerably reduced the use of plastic in its packaging, minimizing its environmental impact to the point of making it practically residual. In addition, the company strives to achieve zero plastic use. When it comes to protecting and finishing its products, Minipiu uses water-based varnishes that are odorless and have certifications that support their sustainable nature.

The company is proactive in its constant search for opportunities to improve and optimize its sustainability practices. Its fundamental objective is to contribute positively to the well-being of children and the planet by offering high quality and sustainable products.

Minipiu: Creando infancias felices y sostenibles

In conclusion, Minipiu embodies a passionate vision for childhood, creativity and sustainability. Through its commitment to creating safe and personalized children’s spaces, the company not only nurtures the growth and development of children, but also promotes the preservation of the environment. Minipiu is yet another example of how environmental commitment and design can and should go hand in hand.

 You can now purchase all Minipiu products in our marketplace and learn more about the carbon footprint of each one thanks to our Eko quality label, always present in the description of each product so that your purchase decision is, above all, conscious.