MI-CUIT mirror

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Miroir mi-cuit
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EKO Label
Eco-effectiveness and sustainability degree of the product

Reused / Recycled materials i 94%

Recyclable materials i 100%

Renewable materials i 0%

Toxic free i 0%

Non petroleum plastics i 100%

Transport Emitions generated from origin to the factory 0.05kg CO2

i Type of energy used Not renewable

i Generated Emisions from Energetic consume Sin datos

Made in France

Product weight 7.2kg

Distance kg CO2 eq
100 km 0.167 kg CO2 eq
500 km 0.836 kg CO2 eq
1.000 km 11.3 kg CO2 eq
3.000 km 33.9 kg CO2 eq
6.000 km 67.68 kg CO2 eq
10.000 km 113 kg CO2 eq
15.000 km 169 kg CO2 eq

Use life cycle 0 years

Aesthetical life cycle 0 years

Emisions generated by Material 1 1.39 kg CO2 eq

Emisions generated by Material 2 0.28 kg CO2 eq

En caso de Import/ Export , los gastos de aduana serán cobrados aparte por la agencia de aduanas de su país.
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MI-CUIT mirror designed by Ludovic Falédam

Table mirror of raw earth from the "Mi-cuit" collection.


Characteristics of MI-CUIT mirror

Main Raw Material Raw earth Secondary raw Material Copper
Main Color Natural earth Width (cm) 32
Depth (cm) 10 Height (cm) 50
Dimensions (Packed) 52x32x22 Weight Packed (Kg.) 8.1000
Weight (Kg.) 7.2

General description of MI-CUIT mirror

At the origin of these "mi-cuit" is a desire: "I wanted to highlight the clay brick which is both a very old material and which paradoxically appears as an alternative for tomorrow, due to its unique thermal properties as well as the small quantity of energy engaged for their production" says Ludovic Falédam, the designer of the project.

So he called out the company Josse: French company of the alive heritage and its exceptional know-how, whom proposed him their bricks with a singular form. "I liked the idea of changing building materials, these "mi-cuit" are in a way nano architectures."

"Diverting these materials from their original function allows to give them a new look. Here we put in light something that we generally tend to hide: the structure of walls, the passages of cables or the piping. So I hope to revalue these materials and the know-how which accompanies them".

They obtain from this original recipe a hard and tender, raw and delicate lamp. Raw due to its materials left as they stand and delicate thanks to the care brought to the assembly as well as to its warm cameo color.

A new creation that without a doubt will delight your pupils and those of your guests!