How to create the perfect Montessori prepared environment with Ekohunters products?

How to create the perfect Montessori prepared environment with Ekohunters products?

As we mentioned in the article “What is the Montessori method and why is it a trend?“, the Montessori method is a parenting method that defines a space with specific characteristics, thanks to which the children will be able to develop and learn independently.

This space is called “Montessori prepared environment” and must be spacious, tidy, aesthetic, real, tailor-made and functional. At the same time, it is of utmost importance that the Montessori prepared environment provides the children with the materials that meet their needs during their independent learning. These materials are tools that the child will use throughout his education process and must be natural, putting the focus on the essential, that is, the function for which they are made, and thus prevent the child from losing his concentration.

In this article we will show you various materials that you can find in Ekohunters, with which you will design the Montessori prepared environment in your home, perfect to meet all the needs of your child.

A custom-made desk for a Montessori ready environment

One of the most important characteristics of a Montessori ready environment is that it should have furniture that is custom-made for the children to use independently. This will reinforce the children’s self-confidence and sense of self-satisfaction in accomplishing tasks on their own without the need for adult intervention.

Geo’s children’s desk is custom-made and will be a great help, within the Montessori environment, for the child to perform any activity that requires a support surface. It also has 2 storage places for the child to keep his or her utensils within easy reach. Try combining the Geo’s desk with Lilly’s children’s chair and you’ll get a completely natural set that you can use for generations.

At the same time, this desk is made of completely natural and noble materials such as bamboo wood and is free of harmful chemicals. For this reason, our Eko quality label, which measures the product’s eco-efficiency level, rates it at 80%.

Natural toys for a montessori prepared environment

Another of the intrinsic characteristics of a Montessori prepared environment at home are the natural materials provided to the child during development and learning. It is important that these are made with natural resources, not only for the child to grow up in a natural environment and become familiar with it, but also for the child to focus his attention on its main function and the task he or she can develop through it.

Made of beech wood, the Mastodon toy pack will encourage the child’s motor skills during development and learning by assembling and disassembling Hipi, Groso, Olaf and Riin. This pack has magnetized pieces so that the child can fit them together and develop their imagination by playing and creating adventures with these 4 fun characters in their prepared Montessori environment. At the same time, these pieces are made of renewable, non-toxic materials, so they qualify with an 80% eco-efficiency level under our Eko quality label.

¿Cómo crear el ambiente preparado Montessori perfecto con muebles Ekohunters?

Learning through play thanks to the Montessori prepared environment

We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the Montessori method is a method of parenting, so the child’s education is of utmost importance in this procedure. That is why the Montessori prepared environment, at home, is intended to have different playful tools for the child to learn independently through play, and thus attract the maximum concentration.

This is the objective of the Chalking Sumouse toy, which teaches children to subtract and add by combining colors, values and fun mice. In this simple and fun way children will not only enjoy but also learn.

The Chalking Sumouse toy is made of sustainable wood and painted with ecological paints, which makes it a product completely suitable for the manipulation of young children during their development and learning.

How to create the perfect Montessori prepared environment with Ekohunters furniture?

Developing creativity through the Montessori prepared environment

In a Montessori prepared environment there should be plenty of tools to help the child develop creativity, logical thinking, concentration, patience, manual and motor skills, as these will be fundamental to the child’s independent growth. However, finding the perfect toy to meet all these needs can be a difficult task.

That’s why we at Ekohunters recommend an all in one product for your Montessori prepared environment: Lidenwooden blocks. These will prove to be the star product to achieve all the above mentioned goals. Handmade, this creative toy isn’t only a tool for fun, but also for education. This lindenwood blocks product is suitable for children of all ages, as it is eco-friendly, splinter-free, lightweight and safe.

¿Cómo crear el ambiente preparado Montessori perfecto con muebles Ekohunters?

Learning about environmental responsibility thanks to the Montessori prepared environment

Another objective of the Montessori method is to educate future adults with environmental responsibility. The Montessori method recommends the use of plants in the Montessori prepared environment so that the children learn to be responsible and the consequences of being responsible or not, taking the habit of watering and caring for the plant. However, thanks to the incorporation of plants, the children will also learn the 4 stages of development of every living being (birth, growth, reproduction and death) and to respect the various forms of life in the environment as well as their own life.

You can include in your child’s Montessori prepared environment small and easy plants to care such as succulents, in pots that accompany the simple and aesthetic decoration of the environment, such as the Horizon pot. The Horizon pot is made of stoneware, a type of clay that is perfect for a natural and organic space.

How to create the perfect Montessori prepared environment with Ekohunters furniture?

In our marketplace, you can access the Kids section, where you will find all the necessary products to create the perfect natural, sustainable and organic Montessori environment for your child’s development and learning. In addition, you can also make sure that all toys are free of toxins and are suitable for children in the description and in the details of the Eko quality label of each product.